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We help students master key concepts and build self-confidence while providing improved academic performance in skill mastery and students’ overall understanding of course material. We accomplish this by developing a personalized learning plan which identifies weaknesses and provides targeted instruction to build strengths.


Excel’s Plus


Excel’s Plus program, enables your student to take advantage of our tutoring services, virtually. Our virtual tutoring is offered to students who live outside our local community. Our live, online instruction is available where you are, such as rural areas, out of state or out of the country.

Virtual, one hour

tutoring session.


Excel’s Problem Solvers $60

Your schedule – your choice! Your student needs help occasionally – we all do! So, when they do need assistance with a particular assignment, skill set, or organizational help, schedule a session with one of our problem-solving tutors. You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers!

Individual, one hour

tutoring session.


Excel’s Performance Enhancing Program $320

Have you ever wondered why school districts implement six weeks programming?  Students need routines and consistency.  They also need clear expectations.  Six weeks establishes routines, develops consistency, and creates great work habits. Working with a student twice per week allows for more independent practice and increases the time tutors can invest in targeted instruction.  Specific, written goals are established, measured every two weeks, and ultimately met.  Academic progress is guaranteed!

Excel’s Performance Enhancing Program consists of 6 tutoring sessions that may be used at any time.


Excel's Premium Program


When students experience academic challenges, they need help.  How long has your student sat at the kitchen table with their homework in front of them, frustrated, because they need directions or explanations?  Setting aside one hour each week for homework help, special projects help, or just a time for organizational skills and academic coaching will encourage your student to power through the semester and finish strong!

Excel's Premium Program consists of 12 tutoring sessions that may be used at any time.

Our Services


One of the single most important components of a student’s college application is the classes they take. Often, students who carry tough loads in Math and Science need extra help. Whether it’s basic biology or complicated chemistry, Excel has it covered. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, or even Computer Science – we have tutors who have helped hundreds of students maintain great grade averages and stay in the competition!


English/ Language Arts

When E.M. Forster said, “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” he was expressing the importance of excellent writing skills. Writing develops social skills, gives individuals practice in communicating more efficiently, requires thought and organization practice, and essentially, helps us determine what is of value. Throughout life, we must write and people with the ability to write well land the jobs, get the scholarships, and are admitted into the college of their choice. Excel English tutors teach basic language arts skills that range from subject/verb agreement all the way to polishing and crafting the perfect scholarship essay. In today’s world, writing is key and writing well is the key to success.



At Excel, we believe that Reading is fundamental to function. In order to comprehend and gain a full understanding of every subject and topic, a student must have competent literacy skills. Reading develops the mind as well as the imagination, taking people beyond their experiences. Reading teaches and provides opportunities of discovery. Reading is an essential, vital skill in a student’s success. Our staff of Reading specialists will help your student improve their reading comprehension, fluency, and even speed. We understand that good reading skills are essential in developing a positive self-image and we are here to help!



Math minds are in high demand! A foundational understanding of mathematical principles allows a student to experience success in a wide variety of classroom settings. Math provides an opportunity to think critically and solve problems. We have found that if a student is struggling in a math course, it is due to a gap in learning the previous concept, instructional pace, or inadequate practice. Our math tutors have taught basic courses such as Money Matters and Algebra 1 all the way to Calculus in a traditional classroom setting. With over 50 years combined experience, Excel tutors can solve the problem!


You’re taking Spanish? Good for you! Becoming bilingual affords individuals greater job opportunities, enhances communication skills, and develops, as well as improves, communication. Taking a foreign language is a giant learning curve and often necessitates additional help and practice. No problem! Nosotras hablamos! Beginner, intermediate, or advanced Spanish learners can find help here!


Speech Therapy

Speech therapist, Jaime Richmond Buran said, “The earlier that a speech-language disorder is diagnosed, the less impact it may have on your child’s academic and social well-being.” If you are concerned about your child’s developing speech habits, consult our licensed Speech Therapist.



If you need to cancel your appointment, we respectfully request a 24-hour notice. Any cancellation or reschedule made less than 12 hours before appointment incurs a $30 fee.

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