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Extra-curricular activities build a student’s confidence to interact socially with their peers, while expanding their social network. They also attain new skills and abilities, which helps navigate them towards passionate endeavors outside of academics, while providing an outlet from the pressures of school.

9 Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities

#1 Improved Academic Performance
#2 Explore Interests
#3 Create Broader Perspectives
#4 Higher Self-esteem
#5 Social Opportunities
#6 Productive Breaks
#7 Essential Life Skills
#8 Job Placement
#9 University Acceptance


We are excited to offer the following classes: Fun with Fitness and Toddler Time in partnership with Texas Academy of Faith & Arts. If you are a current TAFA family, please register using the link below. Registration takes place on the TAFA registration platform, but all payments will be done through Excel. Once you have registered for the class, you will be contacted by Excel learning to complete enrollment.

What extra-curricular classes are of interest to you?

Thanks for the Suggestions!

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