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Extracurricular activities build a student’s confidence to interact socially with their peers while expanding their social network. They also attain new skills and abilities, which helps navigate them towards passionate endeavors outside of academics while providing an outlet from the pressures of school.

9 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

#1 Improved Academic Performance
#2 Explore Interests
#3 Create Broader Perspectives
#4 Higher Self-esteem
#5 Social Opportunities
#6 Productive Breaks
#7 Essential Life Skills
#8 Job Placement
#9 University Acceptance


At Excel we endeavor to offer a wide array of classes and as such we employ a wide variety of highly qualified teachers and purchase extra equipment. We also offer classes at a low-class ratio to ensure that every student 0-100 gets the very best that Excel and its instructors have to offer. Therefore, we have to implement a cancellation policy that covers our cost and protects our time.
We respectfully request a two-week written drop notice prior to the deadline date or the start date of a class, whichever comes first. Notices can be emailed to
All drops will incur a non-refundable 10% class fee and 3% credit card fee, for a total 13% fee, for all drops requested and approved within the two-week drop period.
Classes dropped after the two-week drop period will not be refunded.

What extracurricular classes are of interest to you?

Thanks for the Suggestions!

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