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We Help Students See Beyond the Struggle

When you invest in tutoring at Excel, you are hiring a professional educator to focus on your student’s needs.  Each teacher creates a personalized educational plan for your child, minimizing their weaknesses and building on their strengths.  As your child works through difficulties and experiences success, they build self-esteem and self-confidence.  They get excited about learning! 

High-Quality Tutoring is an Evidence-Based Strategy that Has Several Tangible Benefits

Years of systematic reviews and analysis consistently reveal that tutoring yields a substantial, positive impact on learning.

10 Benefits of Tutoring

#1 Individualizes the Learning Experience

#2 Provides One-on-One Attention

#3 Helps Build Confidence

#4 Supports In-Class Learning

#5 Overcomes Learning Obstacles

#6 Increases the Love of Learning

#7 Improves Academic Performance

#8 Promotes Student Lead Questions

#9 Improves Social Skills

#10 Encourages Self-Guided Learning



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We help students master key concepts and build self-confidence while providing improved academic performance in skill mastery and students’ overall understanding of course material. We accomplish this by developing a personalized learning plan which identifies weaknesses and provides targeted instruction to build strengths.

Extra -Curricular

Extra-curricular activities build a student’s confidence to interact socially with their peers, expanding their social network. They also attain new skills and abilities, which helps navigate them towards passionate endeavors outside of academics, providing an outlet from the pressures of school.


Home - School

Our homeschool classes provide an opportunity for homeschooled students to meet graduation criteria in both core academics and electives. In addition, they experience learning in a group atmosphere. Students learn group skills, such as collaborating with others on projects, class participation, and public speaking. Finally, meeting on a weekly basis helps students to forge friendships, providing socialization opportunities for both the parent and the student.

Continuing Education

Continuing education courses teach concrete skills for a specific trajectory, but they are also key to developing a lifetime love of learning. They introduce you to a range of skills such as time management, self-discipline, communications, and leadership. These skills translate into greater confidence, increased productivity, innovation/advancement in technology, career guidance, networking opportunities and access to useful resources.


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